How to use to file an RTI

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RAACI - Governance Data at your Service

YourAdhikar is a free service which allows users to file RTI applications Online for free. The RTI’s are filed through YourAdhikar so they are all anonymous. All RTI’s filed are mailed to concerned authorities with proper formatting and fees, all replies received are then scanned and mailed back to the users. The whole system is designed to be intuitive and extremely easy to use.

To file an RTI follow these easy steps:


1. Please go to

2. Register yourself with your email address. Check your inbox and verify your email address.

3. Login to YourAdhikar using the email and password used to register.


4. Fill out the form with the department name and PIO address to whom you want to file the RTI. To find the correct PIO name and address you can check our previous blog on the topic.

5. The existing templates are there to guide users to frame their questions.

6. After…

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